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This is not a US Government affiliated wiki. This website has no affiliation with any US Government entities including but not limited; to the US Department of State, the Bureau of Diplomatic Security and the Diplomatic Security Service.

About this site

This Wiki is intended to provide a place to make historic information on DS, primarily DSS, that does not meet Wikipedia's submission guidelines easily accessible and publicly available. Please do not recreate content that is available on Wikipedia. Simply link to that content. Conversely, you can edit Wikipedia to link back to this wiki to preserve specific content.

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As many of you know, this Wiki was created with the sole purpose of saving the list of DS personnel killed in the line of duty which was deleted from Wikipedia by an administrator who believed it didn't meet content standards. I've heard from an inside source that when word of this wiki spread and it was understood that DS had no official list of its fallen, there was some embarrassment in the upper ranks and correction demanded. Since that time, DS has compiled a comprehensive list of those who have fallen while supporting the mission and installed a memorial wall in the DS World Headquarters located in Rosslyn, VA. Rather than trying to maintain the list personally, I am going to link to the official list and hope that DS maintains it. The other content on this site will remain.

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If you are a fan of DS, please request an account and help to maintain these pages. There are only a few of us trying to keep them updated.

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All identifying information (basically names) comes from public, open source information such as State Magazine and websites and is typically found using Google. Regardless, if your name is listed herein, and you would like it redacted, just click the About Diplomatic Security Wiki here or at the bottom of every page and put in the details of your request.

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