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Diplomatic Security Service special Agents have acted heroically and intervened significantly over the years saving the lives of numerous VIP protectees.

Saigon, Vietnam January 31, 1968
During the famed Tet Attack against the US Embassy in Saigon, DS Special Agents, Leo Crampsey and Robert Furey, entered the Embassy compound shortly after the Viet Cong attackers. SA Crampsey and Furey, assisted by Marine Security Guards's and the US Army MP's, engaged the enemy. SA's Crampsey and Furey's actions of immediately attacking the enemy saved the life of the Mission Coordinator, who resided on the Embassy compound, and neutralized the attack on the US Embassy.

Tokyo, Japan July 30,1969

A Japanese national, Shigetsugu Hamako, attempted to attack Secretary of State William Rogers, with a knife (also reported to be a paint scraper or small samurai sword) which he bought with the intentions of stabbing a high-ranking American offical) during a ceremony at Tokyo's International Airport.
August 1st, 1969 front page of The Daily Iowan.
Front page of The Daily Iowan with article about Sec. Rodgers and Tokyo attack [[1]].
However, unsure of the secretary's identity, Hamako lunged at U.S. Ambassador Armin H. Meyer, knocking him to the ground. [1] DS Special Agent Joseph McNulty seized the assailant when we was within five feet of Secretary Rodgers, after the assailant had knocked over Meyer.[2] Hamako was upset over the storage of poisonous gas by America in Okinawa, and carried a letter with him demanding the U.S return the big base of Okinawa to Japan. DS Special Agents William Little assissted in neutralizing the assault. While McNulty scuffled with the assailant, Little escorted Secretary Rodgers to his plane and secured the area. The large contingent of Japanese Police remained at attention taking no action. McNulty gave the following statement to media during the flight to Seoul (the Secretary's next visit), "He ran through them-they were spaced a good 20 yards apart-and at right angles to the plane. He was moving fast, He brought the knife into the air above him, still sheathed. I closed in on him, grabbed him around the shoulders and pushed him to the group. By this time he had unsheated the knife, a short samurai knife." [3]

Washington, DC February 24, 1970

In 1970, French President Georges Pompidou visited the United States of a 3 day state tour. Prior to his visit, France had sold more than 100 fighter jets to the Libyan regime of Colonel Mu'ammar al-Qaddafi, who had known opinions on Arba nationalism, open support for jihad and, defined "Zionism" and Israel as his enemey. [4] The sale of jets prompted protets by the U.S. Jewish community and others, who feared that these weapons would fall into the hands of Arab extremists. Not only was Pompidou's visit meet with public protest, but government officals, like the Governor of New York and the Mayor of New York City, refused to greet, or attened any offical events were Pompidou would be present.
February 23rd,1970 Prompidou Protestors in Washington,D.C.
A group of appromx. 1,500 Jewish protestors gather at the base of the Washington Momument to protest of the visit of French President Georges Pompidou[[2]].
The Mayor of Chicago arranged to be away during the French President's scheduled visit, and was urged to stay after Henry Kissinger spoke to him. Congress also signed a petition and planned to boycott Pompidou's speech. With tensions high, Pompidou faced waves of protests where ever he went. In Chicago, protestors broke through the Chicago police, closing in on President Pompidou and his wife. One protestor spit on Madame Pompidou, causing President Pompidou to threaten an end to his visit. [5] Nixon urged his administration to convice President and Madame Pompidou to stay. Pompidou faced more protests in Washington, D.C..During his speech at the National Press Club, DS Special Agent Joseph McNulty apprehended a female Jewish dissident, American University student Eve Berger. Berger was armed with a banner and pair of scissors, and during Pompidou's speech screamed "murderer" and "French Hitler." [6] Following this, Berger attempted to reach the French President on the main floor but was prevented from entering by Special Agent Patrick O'Hanlon. SA O'Hanlon noticed Berger's disgruntled demeanor. SA O'Hanlon reported Berger was acting nervously and was a memember of a group concerned over the sell of French jets.
February 24th,1970 Eve Berger being detained and removed from the premises, Washington,D.C.
Eve Berger being escorted out of the National Press Club [[3]].
He then directed Berger to the balcony level, warning SA McNulty who was standing post on the balcony. Following the Chicago incident, there was a heightened threat concern and increase in security detail. Upon reaching the balcony, Berger began to shout and distrupt the speech again. SA McNulty detained Berger and removed her from the premises [7] [8] [9]

New York, NY April 24, 1970
DS Agents stopped an assassination attempt by members the World United Formosans for Independence (WUFI)directed towards Chiang Ching-Kuo, Vice Premier, Republic of China (Taiwan).(Peter) Huang Wen-hsiung approached Ching-Kuo on the steps of the Plaza Hotel. DS Special Agents William McFadden and Al Boyd, assigned to Ching-Kou's protective detail, saw Huang approaching with a pistol and grabbed the pistol as Huang pulled the trigger redirecting the shot away from Ching-Kuo. A second assailant, Andy Cheng, was arrested at the same time when he rushed to help Huang. Cheng was found with a knife in his possession. Both were were convicted of attempted murder but while out on bail awaiting sentencing, fled the U.S. Cheng was later found in Sweden and returned to the U.S. for sentencing. [10][11][12]

New York, NY October 1, 1975
A crowd at Biltmore Hotel rushed to attack Garret Fitzgerald, a government minister of Ireland. DS Agents, Bill DeFossett, Jim Dandridge and Christie Wolf took immediate action and removed Fitzgerald from the scene

New York, NY July 26, 1976
While former Turkish Prime Minister Bulent Ecevitwas touring the United States, he was scheduled to make a speech at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. DS recieved information about a demonstration againist Turkey's policy in Cyprus which was to be held outside the hotel. Special Agents Bernard Johnson, George Mitchell, Fred Lecker and Horance Mitchell were assinged to protect Ecevit. [13] Ecevit was warned there would be an angry crowd, but insisted on using the hotel's front entrance rather then the side garage entrance. When the party arrived the crowd became rowdy, pushing, shoving and screaming. Protestors attemopted to push through police lines. [14] Around 400 protestos throw eggs and tomatoes at Ecevit and memebers of his party. SA Johnson ordered a "tight shield" around Ecevit. While walking towards the entrance SA Johnson noticed a man in the crowd had aimed a pistol at the former Prime Minister. Driving towards the gunman, identified as Stavro Sykopetrides, SA Johnson reached him before the he could shoot. SA G.Mitchell saw the gun being raised among the crowd and moved in front of Ecevit to sheild him, with assistance from SA Lecker, they removed Ecevit from the scene.[15] SA H.Mitchell pushed through the crowd to assist SA Johnson. [16] Ecevit meet with President Ford on the 29th of July, three days after the incident. The President apologized for the incident, to which Ecevit replied, "These things can happen anywhere. The security has been fine and they risked their lives for me -- otherwise I might have been killed." [17]

Rhodesia April 1978
Secretary of State Cyrus Vance's motorcade was attacked by a mob throwing Molotov cocktails at his vehicle. Despite the vehicle being hit by these incendiary devices and other projectiles, the DS Special Agent driver and other Agents maintained their calm demeanor and were able to drive defensively and offensively, quickly removing the Secretary from this immediate threat. [18][19][20][21]

Los Angeles, CA January 2, 1979
DS Special Agents, SA's Richard Gannon, Walt Deering, Robert Morris, Nick Green, and Bud Rao, and local Police authorities battled violent anti Shah Iranian dissidents, who were attempting to destroy the Beverly Hills residence of the Shah of Iran's mother and sister and seize the Shah's family. Several DS,Police and other vehicles were destroyed and numerous arrests were made. The strong defensive DS and Police actions insured the safety of these DS protectees.

Beirut, Lebanon August 27, 1980
Unknown individuals attacked Ambassador John Gunther Dean's motorcade with a LAW Rocket and automatic weapons fire. Special Agent Robert Morris, riding in the follow vehicle returned fire with his M-16 allowing the Ambassador to escape the immediate threat. Morris fired more than 32 rounds and effectively ended the ongoing attack forcing the attackers to withdraw. Although there were never any credible claims of responsibility for the attack, Ambassador Dean publically accused the Israeli government.[22] [23][24]

New York, NY September, 1980
DS Special Agents, assigned to the Foreign Minister of Iran, Mohammad Karim Khodapanahi, stepped between the Minister and an unharmed attacker, who wanted to assault the Minister at the United Nations.

New York, NY 1982
Two DS Special Agents, assigned to the protective detail on Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, were interviewing an obviously deranged individual, who over the past few days attempted to reach Ambassador Kirkpatrick, when he pulled a hunting knife and attempted to stab Special Agent Ken Kayatin in the side. The individual who had a desire to stab the Ambassador but became frustrated at DS's steps to keep him from the Ambassador, decided to stab the first FSO he could reach. He attempted to stab SA Kayatin only after he asked if Kayatin was an FSO and when Kayatin responded in the affirmative he pulled his knife and slashed at SA Kayatin. The two DS Special Agents disarmed the perpetrator and he was taken into custody.

New York, NY September 13th, 1982
During a visit of the Secretary of State George Shultz to New York City addressing the national leadership of the United Jewish Appeal, Secretary Shultz strongly defended President Reagan's Middle East proposals and said the parties had to sit down to overcome the signficant differences among the Arab, Israeli and American positions. [25] About 150 demonstrators outside the hotel protested the President's positions on the Middle East. .During the address a dissident Jewish demonstrator broke through the crowd control procedures and charged towards the Secretary. Special Agent Gary Gibson intercepted the attacker. During the struggle the attacker broke SA Gibson's thumb, but was subdued by Gibson and Special Agent James Walsh and the attack was negated. Additionally another protestor was arrested, and before the Secretary arrived at the hotel there was a brief disturbance outside the room where he was to speak. [26]

New Orleans, LA May 4th, 1985
In May, Chief Minister of the state of Haryana, India, Bhajan Lalcame to New Oreleans for eye surgery. Before his arrivl, the Indian Embassy notified the State Department, as well as expressing concern over Lal being a target of an attack by Sikh extremists, specifically by the group Sikh Student Federation (SSF).[27] The State Department initiated security measures to protect Lal, directing its local agent, DS Special agent James C. Nagel, to alert the New Orleans PD of the expected visit. Following this the State Department was notified by the FBI that two Sikhas had attempted to recruit someone to assassinate Lal. SA Nagel relayed this information to the NOPD and requested them to increase the number of offiers assinged to protect Lal. SA Nagel was instructed to continue monitoring the situation. The FBI soon reported that two Sikhs had purchased weapons in Alabama and were en route to New Orleans with the intention of assassinating Lal. SA Nagel was notified, again relaying the information to the NOPD and participated in security measures. After this three Sikhs were seen outside of Lal's hotel, they were detained and arrested.[28] A search of their vechile (which the subjects were arrested in) revealed a loaded .45 caliber pistol, a load .38 caliber pistol and a map of New Orleans with the hotel Lal was residing in circled. Eight days later (May 12th) a fifth Indian male was arrested in connection to the conspiracy to kill plot. [29] The five Sikhs names are Gurpartap Singh Birk, Sukhivinder Singh, Virinder Singh, Jasbir Sandhu and Jatinder Singh Ahluwalia, they were all charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Washington, D.C. November 1st, 1987
DS Special Agents in Boston developed information and initiated an investigation into an individual who threatened to kill the Secretary of State (then George Shultz.) and President Ronald Reagan. This investigation revealed that the individual was mentally disturbed, well armed and departed Boston for Washington D.C..The Boston agents notified headquarters and an alert was issued, which resulted in the apprehension of the individual who was located in a motel in D.C.. The suspect's vehicle was located by an alert MPD officer on patrol and the MPD SWAT team raided the suspect's room. DS agents were on the scene of his arrest and participated in the interviews and follow up investigation. At the time of arrest, the individual was armed with an AR-15 rifle and two shotguns, one of which was an illegal sawed off shotgun. The suspect had conducted extensive pre-operational surveillance of the State Department (Foggy Bottom) and the Secretary's Bethesda, Maryland residence. The suspect was a Vietnam Vet, former U.S. Army officer and was committed for psychiatric evaluation. [30]

New York, NY January 21st, 1988

January 23rd, 1988 Article clipping, Irish-American charged with lunging at Duchess
Article from Utica, NY Observer [[4]].
An Irish-American activist, Michael Tiernan Shanley, charged at Sarah, Duchess of York,outside the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. DS Special Agents Anthony Cardone, Tom Scanlon, Jack Downward, and others stepped between Shanley as we rushed towards the Duchess carrying an Irish Republican Army flag. [31] Shanley was charged with attempted assault and assault on a federal agent. [32] It is believed that the attack was motivated by her status as a member of the family of the chief of state of Britian. [33] Michael Horne, a spokesman for British Information Services, released this statement following the attempted assualt, "It was a very minor incident, very efficiently handled. ... It did not have any effect on the duchess' program. The security chaps did a very fine job." [34]

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia July 9th, 1988
A DS Secretary Detail initiated an inspection of the known route from the airport to the city found Molotov cocktails hidden on an overpass along the Secretary George Shultz'sroute. Local authorites indicated the devices were to be used againist the Secretary's vehicle. Police also arrested a man armed with a Molotov cocktail labeled with the Secretary's name near the prime minister's residence shortly before Shultz arrived for a meeting. [35] [36] He was arrested while loitering along the route, and was later identified as Abdul Rahim Ismail. [37]

La Paz, Bolivia August 8th, 1988
1988 Significant Incidents of Political Violence Against Americans
From the DS Significant Incidents of Political Violence Against Americans [[5]].
Secretary George Shultznarrowly escaped an attempted assassination when a bomb exploded in the middle of his motorcade. The DS Agent driver was able to maintain control of the vehicle and quickly removed the Secretary from the area. [38] The motorcade sped up and changed routes following the explosion, taking the Secretary and his party to the American embassy building instead of La Paz Hotel. [39]
1988 Significant Incidents of Political Violence Against Americans
From the DS Significant Incidents of Political Violence Against Americans [[6]].
No one was hurt, however the window of Mrs. Shultz's car was shattered, along with damages to two other cars. A leftist guerrilla group, calling themselves Simon Bolivar Commando, claimed responsibility for the explosion. State Department investigators believe that the intention was to frighten rather than kill. The bomb consisted of several sticks of dynamite, buried by the roadside, conntected to a detonator by more than 40 yards of cable. On the same day, a bomb was set off at the U.S. commisassry, there were no injuries. [40] [41][42] YouTube video of a news broadcast of the assassination attempt:

New York, NY December 22nd, 1989
Following a militant demonstration againist the Romanian Mission to the United Nations, a violent group rushed the building in an attempt to gain access to the Mission. Special Agents Frnk Benevento, Hinda Gottlieb Perdreaux and SAC Pat O'Hanlon, along with three NYPD offiers fought off the demonstrators and negated their attack. Prior to rushing the budling, the demonsrators threw numerous flashlights "D" cell batteries at the agents and police personeel. Several of these batteries struck the agents and police. They were arrest for battery with batteries.

Gaza Strip May, 1993
During a visit to the Gaza Strip the USAID Director was confronted by an armed individual, who was disarmed by SA Tony Deibler. SA Deibler, who was assigned as a protective agent to the Director was able to "draw down" and cover this individual, forcing him to drop his weapon.

Washington, D.C. May 20th, 1994
While providing a protective detail to Tran Du Luong, Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam, violent demonstrators broke through the police line and charged the minister and his party. The demonstrators, banishing sticks and throwing eggs, attempted to strike the minister and the members of his delegation. Several Special Agents were struck by eggs and one attacker manged to shove a stick into a delegation vehicle, attempting to strike the delegation members and his US escort. DS Special agents took immediate action to disarm and neutralize the demonstators and their attack. None of the delegation were struck with the eggs or the sticks.

Sarajevo, Bosnia March, 1995
SA Tony Deibler, while serving in Sarajevo as a Mobile Security Team leader, providng prtection to the US Ambassador, rescued a sniper victim. While on a routine patrol, SA Deibler observed a sniper shoot a unarmed Bosnian woman. SA Deibler, without concern for his own safety, drove his unarmored vehicle between the sniper and the wounded woman. Upon exiting the vehcile, he crawled over to the woman and administered life saving first aid. When the sniper attempted to target the woman again, Deibler covered the woman with his own body, where he remained sometime until heavily armed British tropps and an armored personnel carrier arrived at the scene. The tropps took the woma to the local hospital, where she was operated on. She survived because of the SA Deibler's actions.

Burundi June 14th, 1995
During an armed attack against the US Ambassador's motorcade, DS Special Agents assigned to the protection detail took diretc action which saved the Ambassador's life. Special Agent Chris Riley maintained his composure under hostile fire, while still in the passenger seat took control of the Ambassador's vehicle from the dazed driver, and drove out of the ambush. Special Agent Larry Salmon, wounded and driving the follow vehicle, without hesitation, fired his hand gun at the attackers, drawing the automatic weapons fire from the Ambassador's vehicle to himself. This action was directly attributed to saving the Ambassador's life.[43]

New York, NY September 25th, 1995
Over 20 demonstrators took over the Ivory Coast Mission to the United Nations to protest the current elections in that country. In doing so they took the Ambassador and several staff members hostage and were holding off the authorities. Without fear for his own safety, Special Agent Mark Garcia entered the Mission, infiltrated the demonstrators and in the confusion within the Mission, was able to move the Ambassador and his staff to another floors, where he secured the "hostages." This action allowed the authorities to enter the building and remove the demonstators.

New York, NYOctober 23rd, 1995
When two militant Kahane Chai members rushed the podium where Yassar Arafat was peaking, Assistant Director Pat O'Hanlon, Special aget Mark Garcia and other DS agents immediatly stopped them, using physical force and geated thei attack. Two arrests were made.

Morovia, Liberia April, 1996
Special Agent John Frese, while serving as the Regional Security Officer at the US Embassy, Monrovia, responded to several hundred US citizens trapped by the fighting in Monrovia. SA Frese traveled through heavy weapons fire to save these individuals and brought them safely to the US Embassy compound.

Washington, D.C. April 23rd, 1996
Special Agents Pat Durkin, DS/P/PL, Michael Hudspeth and George Slike, both of DS/ICI/PII, arrested Patrick Elie, after their investigation revealed he impersonated a diplomat, made illegal weapons purchases and made threats againist a diplomat. Elie was subsequently indicted for international and interstate travel to acquire firearms to commit an act of violence - to assassinate the Ambassaor of Haiti to the United States. Elie is currently being held in federal custody pending trail.

Monrovia, Liberia May, 1996
SA Tony Deibler and RSO Steve Fakan responded to a call for help from US and foreign journalist trapped by rebel fighters in Monrovia. Both agents traversed 300 yards of open terrain to reach trapped reporters. SA Deibler, using a scoped Colt CAR-15, engaged the sniper who was shooting at the journalist. Deibler was able to neutralize the sniper, allowing him and Fakan to escort the reporters to safety.


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