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American Foreign Service Association

  • 2014 F. Allen "Tex" Harris Award for constructive dissent by a Foreign Service Specialist, Special Agent Nick Pietrowicz, while serving in the Regional Security Office at the U.S. Embassy N’Djamena, SA Pietrowicz raised important concerns about the need to ensure foreign countries balance human rights and respect for rule of law when using U.S. provided counterterrorism assistance programs.

Federal Law Enforcement Officer Association's Awards

note: see heroism page for DS Agents who have received FLEOA heroism and bravery awards.

  • 2004 FLEOA Investigator of the Year,Special Agent Gazman Xhudo, New York Field Office,as the DS representative to the FBI's Manhattan Joint Terrorism Task Force, SA Xhudo successfully orchestrated an undercover operation that resulted in the arrest of 12 Middle Eastern illegal aliens attempting to buy U.S. passports.[1]
  • 2006 FLEOA Investigative Excellence Award,Special Agent Vincent O. Martinez II,for his investigation resulting in the location and subsequent rescue of an American citizen being held captive in Pakistan.[2]

Law Enforcement Officer's Charitable Foundation

  • 2003 Investigator of the Year,Special Agent David Nieland, Miami York Field Office,for investigative excellence

in the investigation into the kidnapping a DS special agent assigned to Georgetown, Guyana, and during Operation Bargain Hunter[3]

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

  • 2004 NATO Meritorious Service Medal,Special Agent Wayne Rychak[4]


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